Xi Chen 陈熙

      Email: xchen@csu.edu.cn

      Affiliation: Knowledge Engineering Group, TsingHua University
                      Computer Science Department, Central South University (17th in China, 985 & 211)

Welcome to my homepage, friends! During college, I put efforts in mining a variety of network and designing interactive applications for context, across traffic, society, body area, and e-healthcare. As first author or second author, I publish three papers on SCI journals. And another one has been submitted to WWW 2019. What's more, I receive research training from a MIT alumni.Our survey on data visualization can be accessed here. Later I joined Knowledge Engineering Group at Tsinghua University(KEG), where I am luckily advised by Jie Tang and Yizhou Sun. I also serve as the member of an advanced science platform -- Arnetminer. My current research interests are in social computing, ubiquitous computing, and data mining.

> Education Background

> Publications

> Selected Honors and Awards

> Project Experience

--- Research ---

1. Duration: 2017.8-present

     Project Manager: Knowledge Engineering Group, Tsinghua University, China

    ① Modeled personalized dynamics of social network and opinion, and predicted evolution (with ScAi@UCLA). [ Paper]  
    ② Automatically collected heterogeneous funding and matched to scholars with decision tree (Aminer Online).  
    ③ Predicted technology evolution with genetically clustering.   [Code]  
    ④ Predicted subject union with mixture of RNN and CNN.   [ Algorithm]  

2. Duration: 2017.3-2017.5

     Project Manager: Department of Cyberspace Security, Hunan University, China

    ① Investigated data visualization field in terms of typical techniques, libraries, softwares, research progress, and open problems.     [ Survey ]


3. Duration: 2016.3-2017.7

     Project Manager: Department of Computer Science, Central South University, China

    ① Devised robust and efficient communication for mobile body area network. [ Paper ]

    ② Devised epidemic routing for vehicular networks with taxi trajectory dataset from MSRA. [ Paper ]

    ③ Devised adaptive energy equilibrium for e-health network. [ Paper ]


--- Engineering ---

4. Duration: 2017.6-2017.7

     Project Manager: Research and Development Department, Briup Technology corporation, China

    ① Developed a smart traffic system on sand table as to route optimization, navigation guidance, driving laws, obstacle avoidance, and flow regulation (server, client, and hardware).  

5. Duration: 2015.7-2015.8

    Project Manager: Digital Healthcare and 3D printing Research Center, Central South University, China


① Recognized Chinese speech of surgical terms with Kinect.

② Built GUI to Visualize objects and actions in voice-activated surgery simulation with DirectUI library.


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